The TUPPS Brewery Team believes that good beer is enjoyed best when consumed in the company of good friends or even unknown people who will become good friends. Their brewery, which embraces the feel of the historic Cotton Mill in McKinney, is designed to give visitors the old Texas feel and allows them to experience the past when things moved more slowly and life was uncomplicated. This attitude has led the brewery to become the epicenter of McKinney’s art world.

Unique Events

One of the ways that TUPPS has been able to attract visitors is not only through their unique location, but for the unique events they plan to help draw people to the brewery. On the Saturday after Christmas, the brewery held their first post-holiday party, asking guests to bring the worst gift they received in order to swap it with another guest’s worst gift. The brewery plans to hold a College Football Play-off Party on New Year’s Eve. Event coordinators say that there will be four televisions and a big projector, allowing guests to watch a variety of college games starting at 2 PM. The Alabama vs. Michigan game is scheduled for 7 PM, after which guests will ring in the new year. The event will be catered by Butcher and Barley, a local food truck.

Events Planned Throughout the Year

In addition to events planned around the holidays, TUPPS is planning a bike race they have named “Wish 100” for October. They also hope to hold a barbecue competition and they plan to continue the Steampunk event, which was popular last year. They also hope to hold art shows, comedy shows and other events that draw attention to the artistic abilities of McKinney residents.

Cotton Mill

Cotton Mills were key to post-reconstruction south in the 1880s as a way to turn agricultural goods into finished products. By the early 1900s, Texas joined Georgia, Alabama and the Carolina’s in the cotton mill industry and cotton became an important export for Collin County. In 1910, the McKinney Cotton Mill opened on the edge of Blackland Prairie. By the 1960s, the mill, operating as Texas Textile Fabrics, was the largest denim manufacturer in the world. However, production moved elsewhere and the mill closed its doors in 1969. In 1996, a group of investors purchased the mill and began actively renovating it for use as an event location. TUPPS brewery strives to maintain the feel of the old cotton mill and encourages visitors to embrace the location. They tell visitors “put your feet on the tables, write your name on the wall and bring old bottles to add to our bottle tree farm.”

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