One of the vendors at the International Food Festival in Plano, Texas in early October was Spice Madam, the brainchild of two Texas women with a love of food and a taste for the adventurous. Megana Moya and Kim Simithraaratchy want to ignite a sense of adventure along with a sense of appreciation for worldwide cultures throughout the country.

Subscription Spice Company

The two women have created a subscription spice company that ships various spices that are customarily used in other countries to subscribers around the country. Each month, the women ship four or five unique spices along with information about their country of origin. Each box is themed to a country which means the women do a lot of research and taste testing before putting each package together. Each month, they test recipes using the spices and, once they feel comfortable cooking them, they film and release online videos that are available as soon as the boxes for that month are shipped.

Special Seafood Box

Spice Madam has teamed up with one of the top seafood restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Seafood Mister, to create a specialty seafood box. The box includes TJ’s Fish Sand, which is one of the signature seasonings used at the restaurant, TJ’s Blackening Seasoning and a range of spices chosen by Spice Madam to complement a variety of seafood. This indicates the growth the company has had over the past year, developing partnerships and relationships around the world to bring unique spices to cooks around the United States.

Adventurous Travelers and Eaters

Simithraaratchy and Moya both say that they are adventurous travelers and eaters who are not formally trained in culinary arts. They say that half the fun of creating the boxes is the research and learning that goes into each one. Their goal is to make it easier for home cooks to experience new flavors and cultures. Although neither woman is classically trained, they both say they grew up in households where home-cooking was the norm and whose families used aromatic spices in their dishes. In an effort to give back to the community, five percent of each box sold goes to Cafe Momentum, a training facility that transforms the lives of young people. The organization equips at-risk youth with life skills, education and employment opportunities through a restaurant training program. The organization provides post-release internships for juvenile offenders who will then receive training in the culinary arts as well as mentoring and support.

Spice Madam is a Texas company that is growing rapidly, reaching people across the country with their aromatic and unique spice packages. At AAA Air, we are proud of Texas companies that are growing their businesses as we are. If you are in need of HVAC service or would like to have an overview of your system, contact us today to learn how we can help. Make your home comfortable for family and friends who join you for that unique meal created with Spice Madam recipes and spices.

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