McKinney residents recently met at the Senior Recreation Center to provide input into the changes proposed for the city’s Comprehensive Plan. Several meetings are planned over the next few months to discuss various aspects of the city as part of a significant update to the plan, including infrastructure, roads and parks.

Significant Growth

The city last updated the Comprehensive Plan in 2004. Since that time, the population in McKinney has grown by nearly 70,000, with approximately 30,000 people relocating to the city over the past six years. The city hopes that updates to the plan will not only address the current population, but allow for growth in the future. At the most recent meeting, the focus was on McKinney’s parks.

Keeping Natural Features

One overriding theme at the meeting was that residents wanted to keep the natural features that set the town apart. Residents didn’t want to see the tree-filled floodways or creek-lined trails disappear. The common theme was that open space and natural areas needed to be nurtured. Residents also wanted to see additional recreation areas added with more trails with better connectivity. One of the features that the city hopes to add is a link across trails and the park system, which residents were in full support of adding. Many used oversized maps provided to plot locations for off-road cycling and hiking trails.

Sporting Locations

Other suggestions offered by residents were the addition of places to play specific sports. Many felt that the addition of more pickleball courts would be beneficial, claiming that there were not enough courts in the town, forcing many to travel to other cities to play. Many said it was one of the fastest growing sports in the area and that adding more courts could make McKinney a destination location for the sport. Others felt that expanding tennis complexes, adding more baseball fields and other recreation areas was the best way to improve the town.


The city plans to spend more than $5 million each year for the next ten years on parks and recreation. In fact, an upcoming referendum is asking voters to revoke bonds worth $13 million that were originally approved for upgrades to the parks as the city now wants to pay for parks projects with cash. According to many at the meeting, parks on the east side of the city need the most work as their restrooms are failing and the equipment in disrepair. There was some discussion about expanding parks services in the northwestern section of the city, but most agreed that it was more important to deal with existing facilities before adding more.

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