Wes Watson began his coaching career in a unique manner. After high school, he didn’t head straight to college like many of his friends. Instead, he went to work in refinery construction and found that he enjoyed working with money. He enrolled in what is now Texas A&M Commerce as an accounting major a few years after graduating from high school.

Skipping Class

Watson was enrolled in an accounting class at college, but found himself skipping the class to go play basketball with a friend who was in the same class. Watson played basketball in high school, but never signed up to play while attending college. The sport is in his blood as his father was also a coach, moving the family around Texas before finally settling in Midland. The friend who became Watson’s basketball partner suggested that Watson go into coaching and he decided to change his career focus.

Still Unsure

Watson says that he was still not sure that coaching was what he wanted to do, even after he accepted a position as a middle school coach in Plano. It was a tough loss in a tournament that changed his mind. He said he was sitting in the locker room after talking to the kids and it hit him that coaching was what he was meant to do. From that point on, he says, coaching became his life.

Move to High School

Although Watson enjoyed coaching at Schimelpfenig Middle School, he decided to move to high school coaching when a position opened at Vines High School. There, he worked with Coach Rodney Belcher, who also coached with Watson’s father. Belcher was offered the head coaching job at McKinney High School and he asked Watson to join him in order to lead the junior varsity team there. The following season, Belcher left McKinney to accept a position as assistant coach at New Mexico State and Watson became the head coach at McKinney High School.

Rough Start

Watson’s career at McKinney did not get off to a good start. The first three seasons, the basketball team only won 17 games, losing 73. Watson said that he was lucky in that the athletic director understood the process Watson was using would take time to build the program to what it needed to be. The patience paid off and Watson led the team to a 27-7 season in 2005-06, bringing the school a second-round playoff appearance. In 2007-08, the team only lost one game and that was in the second-round championship to Mt. Pleasant. In the years that followed, McKinney succeeded in reaching the playoffs, but never escaped the second round until last year. In 2013-14, the team upset Frisco Liberty and moved on to round four where they lost to Lancaster, the team that eventually won the championship. This year, Watson said the team is poised to do even better this year than they did last year with his star backcourt intact.

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