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Is your air conditioning unit making ominous noises? Are you concerned that it may not make it through the next summer?

Residents of Frisco, Texas are likely facing temperatures this February that require turning the heat off for this first time this season and switching the air conditioner on. This may be the first time in months air conditioning is necessary and sometimes a unit that has sat idle for the winter can have issues the first time it’s turned on.

There are warning signs a homeowner should look for when it comes to the efficiency of their air conditioning unit. Air conditioners don’t last forever.

n fact, most units have about a 12-15 year life span.

And unfortunately, it’s often when you need it the most that it can begin to give you problems.

When you first turn it on you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will the unit turn on?
  • Am I comfortable with the temperature in my home?
  • Is the unit leaking?
  • Is my utility bill higher than normal?
  • Is my air conditioning unit making abnormal noises or is it louder than it used to be?
  • Is the air as cold as it was last summer?

If the air isn’t as cold or you’re not as comfortable with the temperature in your home, it’s possible the refrigerant lines aren’t insulated. The unit outside probably has two copper refrigerant lines, which should be covered with insulating sleeves. Make sure they are covered. Also, the system may need its refrigerant re-charged.

When in use the system generates moisture. That water collects in a pan and flows out a line either into a floor drain or condensate sump basin. An accumulation of water can signal a blockage or disconnection of the tube. If the unit is leaking, inspect the tube for clogs or other obstructions.

If your utility bill is higher than normal, it could mean a dirty filter. The most likely culprit is a choked condensing coil. An outdoor unit has cooling fins that can accumulate dust and debris. A tune-up will likely fix the problem.

If your unit is making odd sounds it could be sign that it has a loose screw, a bent fan blade or an issue with the motor. A service call or tune-up should fix the problem.

For other warning signs and more information on what to do if your air conditioner goes bad, read more here.