On the eastern side of McKinney, Texas, sits the historic Cotton Mill and Flour Mill, two locations that were once the economic center of the town. Hard times fell on both locations, however, with the Cotton Mill closing its doors in 1969 and the Flour Mill also being closed for many years. All of that is changing as both buildings have undergone extensive renovation, providing a location for startup businesses who are thriving in the rustic locations.

Innovation and Imagination

Where once stood powerful machines bringing economic benefit to the area, innovation and imagination are driving business to the eastern side of McKinney. Several new-age businesses have made their home in the two historic buildings while events planned at the locations are drawing large numbers of people into the area.

Space McKinney

One innovative use of the Flour Mill is Space McKinney, which brings together small business owners, freelancers and more inside the building. The organization uses an open office concept designed to bring people together to promote growth through networking opportunities. The group offers networking events, the availability of wi-fi, start-up coaching and even all-you-can-drink coffee and tea. The group offers those who may have an at-home business or work as freelancers an office space, complete with a desk, for meetings and other events where they need to present a professional image.

Start-Up Businesses

In addition to event spaces at the two locations, many businesses have been launched at either the Flour or Cotton Mill. Many companies use the spaces as office space with some executives claiming that the locations provide a more professional look than meeting someone at a local coffee shop. Several companies have grown dramatically since locating in the historic factories.

Extensive Renovations

Both the Cotton and Flour Mill have undergone extensive renovations in an effort to promote economic development in the area. The Cotton Mill now offers an Event Hall as well as several unique event spaces such as the Indigo/Dye Room and the Bridal Suite. The Indigo/Dye Room is an outdoor space that is perfect for wedding receptions, located in the ruins of the original dye room used by the mill. Each room available for lease is rustic and can be decorated in a style that best meets the needs of any organization or individual. These renovations have taken a considerable amount of time, manpower and talent as everything from the electrical system to the HVAC systems had to be overhauled and updated.

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