Heat Pump and Heating Furnace Repair Co. – McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco

When your heat pump, furnace or heating system stops working, you don’t want to wait until just any old heating repair service “might” get there. If your furnace isn’t doing the job, let us tackle the problem. We’ll quickly come to your home and conduct a thorough analysis of your heating system needs as well as your home’s energy efficiency. Based on our findings we’ll help you choose a heating system heat pump or furnace that’s right for your home and your budget. Once we have a plan, we’ll get to work installing it and have you warmed up as quickly as possible.

Ensure your heating system operates at maximum efficiency by scheduling a pre-season inspection. Not only will regular maintenance of your heating system help extend its life. But, it will also save you money by keep your heating system more efficient and put you at ease knowing there are no carbon monoxide poisoning threats to your family. When performing maintenance, here is a brief list of the things our professional air technician will perform.

Furnace Maintenance

•    Check performance of all safety switches

•    Check for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks

•    Inspect ducts and vents

•    Lubricate the heating system’s moving parts

•    Test the thermostat for accuracy

•    Inspect filters and replace if necessary

•    Check electrical connections

•    Humidifier operation will be checked, where applicable

•    Check and adjust blower

This is just a small sample of the things your heating system technician will do.

We Service All Types of Heating Systems – Ask About Our High Efficiency Units

It doesn’t matter whether you use oil or gas heat — American Standard has a range of furnaces that will bring efficient warmth to your home. Our furnaces have AFUE ratings from 80% up to 93% which means that at least 80% or more of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

Gas furnaces
Every model in our Freedom® furnaces family is designed to provide maximum heat for minimum fuel usage. The ultimate models even reduce temperature swings and short cycling. And our oil furnaces are durably constructed with only the finest materials and components. So you can rest easy. And warmly.

Oil furnaces
Freedom® 80 oil furnaces heat your home quickly and efficiently, even during the toughest winters. An AFUE rating of up to 82.7% ensures a miserly use of fuel, and our ultimate models offer a reliable variable speed blower motor that goes the extra mile in quietly, efficiently and evenly distributing heated air throughout your home.