In honor of National Caregivers Month, TUPPS Brewery and the Plano franchise location of Bottle and Bottega have joined together for a fundraiser. On Sunday, November 15, 2015, guests will have the opportunity to paint a wine bottle in memory of anyone who has been impacted by cancer. The fundraiser is the idea of Keith Lewis, President of TUPPS Brewery.

Family Connection

Mr. Lewis came up with the idea of the fundraiser before he even opened the brewery. His father passed away from brain cancer and he wanted a way to memorialize those who were impacted by the disease. Before the brewery opened, they created a bottle tree and discussed using the tree to display something that would have meaning to people. Bottle and Bottega already had a program that allowed people to paint on bottles and glasses, so he felt that they would be a good fit for the fundraising program.

Bottle Tree

According to the brewery, the bottle tree is one of the features guests mention most often during tours. The tree consists of bottles painted by those with a loved one who has or is battling cancer. Because the tree has become so popular, local residents have requested the ability to paint their own bottles and feature them on the tree.

African Connection

Mr. Lewis said that research he has performed indicate that tree bottles originated in Africa. When people passed, their relatives placed bottles on the trees. When slaves arrived in the United States, they continued the tradition by placing bottles in the trees, believing that the bottles contained the spirits of their family members. He felt it would be a good idea to carry the tradition further and add the wine tree to the brewery. At the fundraiser, guests will be able to create their own, unique bottle in honor of a loved one in order to “load the tree.”

Registering for the event costs $27 and $10 of every registration goes to the McKinney and Plano chapters of Relay for Life. Attendees will receive an apron, paint, brushes and wine bottles. Anyone interested can register online or contact either TUPPS Brewery or Bottles and Bottega. AAA Air understands the devastating effects of cancer and would like to see it eradicated. In the Dallas area, 44,148 people have been diagnosed with cancer as of January 2014. In 2012, 8,987 residents of the Dallas area died of the disease. Prostate, breast and lung cancer accounted for the most deaths in the Dallas area. If you need an overhaul of your HVAC system or are in need of service, contact them today to learn how they can help you with all your heating and air conditioning needs. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff will help you get your HVAC system in working order quickly, providing you with the most efficient system available.

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