Although the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that the early winter months in McKinney will have slightly above average temperatures, long-time residents know that warmer weather will not last throughout the year. In fact, the last week of December, the almanac predicts possible flurries in the northern sections of the area.

Winter Weather Uncommon

The City of McKinney does not experience a significant amount of winter weather, although freezing rain, ice, snow and freezing temperatures still occur. The area has suffered from moderate freezing rain as well as blizzards that may last several days. Because severe winter weather is unusual in the area, many residents are unprepared when it happens and this can lead to dangerous conditions, especially if they must drive on icy roads without much experience or if their heating system has not been serviced recently, leading to loss of heat during an extreme cold period.

Understanding Warnings

The first thing to understand about severe weather in McKinney is the types of warnings issued by the National Weather Service. These include:

  • Winter Storm Watch – Winter storm conditions are possible within 36 to 48 hours so it is important to review any plans for winter storms and remain as informed as possible about weather conditions.
  • Winter Weather Advisory – Winter weather conditions are expected but they are often not life-threatening as long as caution is used. However, the type of weather could cause inconveniences
  • Winter Storm Warning – Weather conditions could be life-threatening and could begin within 24 hours. Anyone in a Winter Storm Warning area should take precautions as soon as possible.
  • Blizzard Warning – Conditions are favorable for sustained winds and gusts of more than 35 miles per hour along with considerable snow that may last three hours or more.
  • Frost/Freeze Warning – Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.

Weather forecasters also often talk about wind chills. A wind chill is the temperature the body feels when combined with air temperature and wind speed. High winds in cold temperatures will cause a person to feel much colder than the air temperature.

Preparing for Winter Weather

Preparing for winter weather simply means planning ahead. Have your heating system checked by a qualified technician to be sure it is in good working order before the weather turns cold. Waiting until the weather is already cold could mean losing heat when the weather is already uncomfortable. During winter weather, try to remain inside and off icy roads as well. If you must travel, such as to work or school, allow extra time to arrive at your destination and keep your speed down as much as possible.

AAA Air is available to help you with all your HVAC needs. Schedule an appointment today to have one of our experienced technicians review your system to be sure it is in good working order before the severe weather strikes. You can reach us by phone or online. We’ll make sure you stay warm even when the wind howls and the snow blows.

The Old Farmers Almanac