During the hot and humid summers in Addison, Texas your air conditioning has to work double time to keep the home cool. Over time, this extensive use can lead to certain problems such as worn mechanisms in the machine or leaks. Air conditioning repair can help to keep the machine running smoothly. We can help to identify and solve issues that might require AC repair in Addison, Texas. Here are a few things to look out for whenever there might be a problem.

Whenever the air conditioner is not functioning correctly, there could be a problem outside of the machine itself. To make sure that it is actually the air conditioning, there are a few steps to take before attempting to call for heating & cooling services. The filters on the vent of a central air conditioning system could be blocked or worn down, which hampers the airflow to the air conditioning unit. These filters, usually in a large vent in the lower wall of the interior of the house, should be changed at least once every three months. Whenever the air conditioning is going through extended use, it should be changed at least once a month. Replacing these filters can help recuperate air flow throughout the house. If the filter has been replaced, one should also check if the insulation is properly installed. Improper insulation is usually the root of heat transfer problems in a house and leads to the air conditioning working inefficiently.

If outside problems are not the source of the problem, then air conditioning repair might be necessary. A homeowner may have to identify a leak somewhere in the ducts running through the house. These most often occur where the ducts are exposed in the attic. A leak in the duct work is not necessarily a problem in itself so much as a symptom of a deeper problem. The homeowner should call an HVAC repairman if a leak has been identified. While AC repair can sometimes be done at home, normally a leak can be drawn to a source of the problem, such as degrading ducts. Air leaks should be taken care of immediately because not only do they cause the air conditioning to use more energy, they also can lead to even more expensive problems down the line if left unchecked.

There can also be a water leak somewhere in the air conditioning unit. This is an especially grave problem because it can lead to damage to the house itself, rather than a higher electricity bill. Water leaks can get into the wood framing of the home, or even the plaster of the ceiling. Wood rot can lead to structural damage and even roof collapse if extensive enough. Air conditioners create a lot of condensation and the water will accumulate quickly.

There are many signs and symptoms that an air conditioner needs to be repaired. The homeowner should check through all faults in the system and then call for heating and cooling services in Addison, Texas to get them fixed.

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